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    Economy Reset

    By Charlie,



    With the recent weeks, there's been a considerable push to make the economy a more enjoyable one to take part in. This included things like a casket overhaul, grand exchange information, and OSRS price loading. With these changes came some big changes to the way you were able to take part in the construction and execution of the economy, and some people were able to get ahead at an incredible rate with some bugs that were left over from things like our shop prices being 1/2 of an items value instead of our current 1/4, and this caused issues between players who had too much and players who had too little. 


    Today I've decided to execute an economy reset to all accounts that are not Ironman. This reset comes at the heels of our planned economy management that will serve to ensure that your game will be enjoyable in the long term instead of the short term. When SCAPEHD started, we started as a remake but the push from the community was to include things like adamant armour and weaponry to some shops to make the economy move a bit faster and to include all types of players to play with us. We are going to continue to allow easier access to low tiered items and offer different ways of getting your foot in the door, but we as the development team will be more diligent in ensuring that these updates will not break the economy that is a huge reason as to why you play SCAPEHD. 


    We apologize for this extreme inconvenience, but we hope you understand the decision to make our game a fun one to play. 



    Resource Casket Overhaul

    By Charlie,




    • Resource Caskets
      • A long anticipated update has finally come to ScapeHD! We have successfully rewrote our casket system to start including better and more rewards. Another unique feature of our overhaul was to allow players to pick the reward they wanted, or needed.
        • Casket rewards are now based off of your levels. So for the 1 -> 6 slots that are available for rewards, it will pick a random skill (So say, Crafting, Herblore, Runecrafting, Defence, and Range) and offer you rewards based on your level in those particular skills. This offers incentive for main accounts to hunt for caskets regularly, and for skillers to get some epic resources to add to their stockpile.
        • There is also a cosmetic table offering cosmetic rewards! Any account with 3 combat has a 1/15 chance to hit this cosmetic table, while any account with higher than 3 combat has a 1/40 chance.
        • We also introduced the trivia bot's ultra-rare table to the casket system. Members+ will have a 1/200 chance while regular members have a 1/500 chance.


    • Member+ Days
      • We had to rewrite our member+ system to start actually counting the days down properly. If you were a member+ and you lost your days, come speak to me to get your days back.


    In other news:

    • We are continuing efforts to get our OSRS resources up to snuff. Once we are 100% satisfied with the conversion, we will start writing brand new content such as roof-top agility, raid boss fights, more OSRS bosses, more skilling content, and epic new ways to get epic new gear!
    • We are reverting back to patch-mode in the meantime, which means we will be focused on repairing all issues with the server before we set out to continue our marketing.



    Charlie, Dennis, K4rn4ge, and the ScapeHD staff team

    Shop updates, Potion buffs, Kill Feed, more

    Mod Dennis
    By Mod Dennis,
    • boss kill feed system has been added
    • having a holy wrench in your inventory will give you an additional prayer point when drinking a Prayer Potion or Super Restore potion
    • when dying you have a 1/20 chance of recieving a Holy Wrench upon death
    • the Grand Exchange Offer/Buying interface text has been updated
    • the options dialogue will remain open to navigate through the GE marketing interfaces much easier
    • all max capes now have their appropriate bonuses set
    • nurse sara location has been fixed
    • Strength, Magic, Accuracy amulets have been added to Sir Vyin's Armour shop.
    • you can now examine mobs to display their drops
    • you now have a 1/25 chance at gaining a chest key
    • chest key will now give you another chance at looting the barrows chest
    • mob that don't drop items won't have the interface showing
    • you can't examine mobs while in combat
    • wearing a firemaking cape/(t) will now have a chance to burn the log, same chances as the inferno adze
      fixed a shop dupe